4-9-2015 - After I published the book, I got a call from a friend at 3am in the morning. "James, you can't end a book like that! I want to know what happened. You're gonna leave me hanging?"


Then I went out dancing and one of my salsa partners who I sold the book to, ran away from the partner she was dancing with, politely apologized to the partner I was dancing with, moved her out the way and began dancing with me. "My mother read your book, she asked me if I knew the author?  When I said that I did, she cursed me out for knowing you. Here, speak to my mother. Her name is Joan."


While we're dancing she dials her mom.

"Hi Mom, this is the James who wrote the book... "

"Here." She hands me the phone.

"Hi Joan, I'm so happy that you read the book..."

"Don't give me that crap what happened to...?"


This showed me that folks were emotionally attached to the characters. When I spoke to my friend on the phone (at 3am), he was talking about the characters like they were real people! That's great. I'm doing my job as a writer.


But to quench the thirst and interests of my readers, if you've finished the book and you want to know what happens next, email me at and I'll email an excerpt from the follow-up book, Byte Back.



12-25-2014 - This website is a birthday present to myself. Although I've worked in technology for most of my professional career, I've never had an occasion to want to build a website. What would I put on it? I guess in this Me oriented world, the Selfie is king. I could build a website and put my Selfies on it... my youngest son tried to rationalize it by saying that people want to document their existence. My response was, "Are you documenting your butt studying hard to get into college? I didn't think so."


It seems that self-validation is the new need, the new obsession. Rapt attention is the new religion. How do you justify walking into oncoming traffic and not looking up because you're paying rapt attention to what you're texting? Is there a reward for not looking up at the Mack truck that's getting ready to run over you because the driver is busy texting himself and not looking up. Who wins? The one who looks up last or the one who dies first?


I'm not ranting. I just want the smart phone generation to buy my book and pay rapt attention to it. Just look up when you cross the street! 

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